15 cm^2 of Fame


I was at TechShop last weekend working on a project and I noticed a familiar picture hanging on the wall of the lobby. They have a wall collage of member projects on display and one of the pictures is my Spookotron Halloween pumpkin light. I recall sending in a picture of it sometime last year and apparently it’s been hanging there for months without me noticing it. Just about every time I visit TechShop I see someone making something that boggles my mind, so to have one of my projects up there really made my day.

The actual wall collage is itself a member project. One of the TechShop members started the company collagewall and did the prototyping of the wall hanging system at TechShop. They have a novel system for hanging the pictures and a nice minimalist frameless mounting that I find aesthetically appealing.

Although I managed to resist the urge to ask someone to take my picture in front of the wall, I did snap a picture with my cheezy phone camera. I just noticed that they have a much better picture of the TechShop wall at the collagewall website. On the right is a picture of a personal collage I purchased from the collagewall folks for my home office. The pictures are from a talented photographer I discovered on Flickr who gave me permission to use them for this purpose.



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