Component Sources





  • SmallParts has a lot of mechanical parts
  • McMaster-Carr has it all
  • contraptor is open source erector set hardware for hackers
  • has crazy variety of couplings, belts, gears, etc. for industrial uses



  • The Robot Marketplace lives up to its name. Huge selection of parts but focus on R/C controlled robots, no CPUs here.
  • RobotShop has tons of parts with more of a focus on microcontrollers and sensors. Seems to be part of Jameco?
  • Lynx Motion makes many things but their Servo Erector Set is very nice.
  • DU-BRO has a robotics section of their store with axles, bearings, wheels, etc.


Plastics & Moldmaking

  • TAP Plastics has retail stores in Mountain View and other bay area locations. Good source for acrylic, resins, moldmaking materials, etc.
  • Smooth-On has lots of moldmaking and casting materials including some low-viscosity line of resins. They have a terrific set of YouTube videos as well.


Home Automation