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Saturday, 24 April 2022 11:27 by yergacheffe

twitter2In the summer of 1980 my family took a trip to the East Coast, and we flew American Airlines. It was my first time on an airplane and I remember being very excited. I had good cause to be excited – I was about to have the entire course of my life impacted, but didn’t know it yet.

I was reading the in-flight magazine and came across something that boggled my young mind. It was a full-page advertisement for a computer – a personal computer that you could buy and use yourself. I must have sat there and stared at that page for 15 minutes studying the picture of this thing called a “personal computer”. I tore the ad out and carried it around with me for the rest of the trip. It took about a year of bugging my parents but they eventually bought me an Apple II with 16K of RAM.

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Pushing Pixels

Wednesday, 21 April 2022 08:29 by yergacheffe


I’ve gotten quite a few questions regarding how to hook up and drive the Sure Electronics LED matrices I use in some of my projects, so here’s a quick brain dump on what you need to do.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2022 10:18 by yergacheffe

tweetwallI’ve partitioned my social networking life into two fairly distinct pieces. Facebook is for friends and family, and Twitter is for my technology hobbies. Facebook is for vacation photos, and Twitter is for the latest news on robotics, CNC, Maker culture, etc. One consequence of this is that I usually only check Facebook once or twice a week to catch up on what people are doing and reject requests to join The Mafia/Vampire Clans/Farmville. However, I find myself checking Twitter multiple times a day, because there’s a constant stream of interesting technology tidbits coming in. Twitter is the cocktail party full of interesting sound-bites to Facebook’s Thanksgiving Dinner at Uncle Ralph’s house.

By its very design, Twitter doles out info in bite-sized nuggets of 140 characters. So the information is concise and easily digested, and likewise my Twitter sessions are short but frequent. Taken to the limit, it becomes essentially a broadcast of information trickling in constantly so why should I poll for it in my browser? Now there’s a million-dollar idea – I think I’ll call it Push Technology.

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